Mads Langer, Rasmus Walter and Danser med Drenge

Come along to a knockout concert that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and have you dancing the night away.

Mads Langer, Danser med Drenge og Rasmus Walter

Kongens Have

Østre stationsvej/Jernbanegade, 5000 Odense C

23/8, 16:00-23:00

Ticket : From 139 kr.

Mads Langer
Mads Langer is the man behind international hits such as ‘3AM’, ‘Fact-fiction’, ‘You’re not alone’, ‘Heartquake’, ‘Elephant’, ‘Tunnel Vision’ and many more.

A solid performer, Mads Langer has released five albums and performed at over 400 concerts over the past five years, both at home and abroad, as well as received a number of prestigious awards.

Come along for a fantastic evening with Mads Langer’s great voice and deep-felt lyrics, guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.

Danser med Drenge
Danse med Drenge is well-establised as one of Denmark’s best live bands. They have 13 albums and four Grammy nominations to their name, and have played countless concerts. Danse med Drenge has a strong hold on their fans, not least due to Rie Rasmussen’s amazing vocals which power Klaus Kjellerup’s lyrics right off the stage.

With their 13 albums, Danse med Drenge has a huge repertoire, with ‘Hvor længe vil du ydmyge dig?’, ‘Aldrig undvære dig’, ‘Er der nogen i himlen?’ and ‘En dejlig morgen’, amongst the all-time favourite hits.

Rasmus Walter
Rasmus Walter has firmly secured his place on the Danish music scene, with his honest, poetic lyrics capturing feelings which can be so hard to put into words.

Rasmus Walter has four albums to his name, including hits such as ‘Dybt vand’, ‘Endeløst’, ‘Verden I Stå’, and ‘På En Dag Som I Dag’, which regularly receive airtime on national radio. Surely you can hum along to some of them?

Tickets: 139 DKK incl. booking fee

Doors open at 16:00.
The first band will go on stage at 17:45. Be sure to arrive in good time, as there may be queues at the entrance.

Practical information:
It is NOT permitted to bring in to the concert area:
Any type of chair
Food or drinks
Cameras/recording equipment
Empty water bottles or similar

Food and drinks:
Food and drinks are available for purchase insider the concert area. Vegetarian options are available.

Payment at bars:
Payment is accepted via cash or card only. Payment is not accepted via MobilePay.

Disabled access:
Disabled toilets and priority viewing areas are available inside the concert area.

Organiser: H.C. Andersen Festivals
Supported by: Sydbank Fonden

All times ares subject to change without notice.